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Our club's mission is to promote the sport of Cutting by organizing events (Cuttings) at a reasonable cost for local competitors (Cutters) to show their horse's ability to work and control a cow. We develop interest and awareness of Cutting by sponsoring several jackpot shows per year at Marana Stockyards with classes for everyone from beginners to professionals. Riders compete for points toward year-end awards such as silver belt buckles and other prizes.

To learn more about the sport of Cutting, visit our "Links" page which has some good resources or click on "Contacts" if you need more information about our club shows.

Exciting News for 2017: NCHA launches Challenger Shows, offering a new format for fun & affordability!!

Our SACHA jackpot cuttings will participate in the new Challenger Series established by NCHAÖbeginning with the first show of the season, December 31st. This is a new format of Weekend Shows aimed at giving weekend cutters a fun and affordable entryway to the sport.

The Challenger Standings will be based strictly on points, rather than money earned. However, money won at Challenger Shows will count toward lifetime earnings, rider and horse eligibility and achievement awards. Points awarded for any Challenger Show class will be based on the number of entries, with one point for every two entries, to a maximum of 10 points.

NCHA will establish Regional Top 15 Standings for the new Challenger shows. NCHA will maintain Regional standings for all approved Challenger Show classes, and publish them online. Cutters will earn points in whichever Region they are competing in, so an individual could be ranked in the standings of more than one Region. Year-end awards will be presented to the leading participants in each class in each Region.

NCHA Achievement Buckles will be awarded based on combined earnings of $1,000 from Challenger and Championship Shows, or for 100 points earned at Challenger Shows. Dollars and points canít be mixed for awards. Upgrade Medallions for Achievement buckles can be earned with additional points. For example, 250 points would earn a $2,500 Medallion; 500 points would earn a $5,000 Medallion, and so on.

The new Challenger Shows will offer cutters additional opportunities to participate, typically at a significantly lower cost. Cutters in Challenger Shows will earn points toward Achievement Buckles and year-end standings, with a new year-end awards program established. Even cutters in a slump will be able to earn participation points to make progress in the standings, and bring them closer to awards.

In its initial year, the Challenger Shows will offer new NCHA members, or former cutters whose membership has lapsed for more than one year, a free introductory membership to the National Cutting Horse Association.

Note: NCHA membership rules regarding horse ownership will apply to the Challenger series. Donít forget to bring your horse papers along to the show!

Southern Arizona Cutting Horse Association Celebrates 50 Years

At their April Show in Marana, the Southern Arizona Cutting Horse Association (SACHA) celebrated their 50th Anniversary and recognized several original members that were able to attend. Those original members recognized were Fred Frye, Waylon Heatley, Ron Searle, and Ruth Roddis. Fred Frye, who was president of the club at least 4 different times over the years, was also recognized for being the longest continuing member of the club.

In 1965, a group of Tucson horsemen started the local NCHA Affiliated Club to put on affordable cutting horse shows in the Old Pueblo area. In the early 60ís the closest shows were in the Phoenix area, making it difficult and expensive for Southern Arizona horsemen and women wanting to learn or participate in the sport. Tucson trainers Grove Johnson, Fred Frye, and Ron Searle were instrumental in starting the new organization.

Grove Johnson was elected the first president of the club and hosted the first cutting at his stable on the south end of Harrison Rd. Ron Searle was the Vice President and Marilynn Searle was the first Secretary. The first directors of the club included Alan (Doc) Collier, Jay Dusard, Ruelon Goodman, and L (Doc) Radmacher. Gene Payne, at that time the owner of the Tucson Livestock Auction, was also an early member and hosted many of the early competitions at his arena on North Highway Drive. The cuttings at this time were held mainly in the evening. Payneís arena was across from his auction barn, not far from where Arizona Feedís Country Store is now located on the west side of Tucson.

The original goal of the organization was to put on affordable cutting horse competitions so as to make it easier for beginners to learn the sport. Although the club has always followed NCHA show and judging rules, to keep costs low, most of the shows were and continue to be non-sanctioned by the NCHA. For the last 50 years the club has used a point system for year-end awards instead of large jack pots to reward class winners.

The first NCHA sanctioned show that the club put on was in March of 1965 at Gene Payneís arena. Duane Johnson of Tucson was the judge and there were 7 horses in the open, which was won by Bill Rogers from Phoenix who marked a 73 on Chuckawana. The $1,000 Novice Horse Class was won by J. Rowley from Safford, Arizona on Pokeys Mark with a score of 73. Ron Searle, riding Hungarian Alsab won the $500 Novice with a 72, and Dave Faulkner from Tucson won the $250 Novice Horse on Tidy Twist.

Other cutters that helped make SACHA successful in the early years included Doc Doherty, Charlie Nix, CP Honeycutt, and Charlie Maynard. The club would have never survived 50 years without the continuing support of long time Tucson trainers Scott and Cherie Raftery, and Fred Frye who have helped keep the club alive through thick and thin.

Over the years the club has put on shows at various arenas throughout Southern Arizona. 50 Years later, SACHA continues to put on seven to eight monthly jackpot shows a year with the same goals that the original members set. For the last six years the club has been using the facilities at the Marana Livestock Auction for their monthly jackpots. The club has access to plenty of fresh cattle and a good arena which still makes it one of the best places in Arizona for beginners and experienced cutters alike to work their horses.

Scott Raftery Receives Plaque at Western Nationals in Reno

Scott being presented his plaque of appreciation from the club.
(L-R) Richard Searle, Scott Raftery, Ruth Roddis, and Jim Bret Campbell, NCHA Executive Director.

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