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Important SACHA Notice:
    Annual Member's Meeting & Election of New Officers/Board at the October 25, 2014 Cutting!!!

    Rising Cattle prices have forced a change in the pricing structure for our Weekend Jackpot Cuttings (starting October, 2014)

    The new Class prices better reflect show costs, increase the number of Fresh Cattle classes while also increasing the Jackpot payout!!!

    The Fresh Cattle Classes are: Open, NP, 15K Novice Horse, 15K Amateur Rider & 5K Novice Horse. All Fresh Cattle classes will have an entry fee of $165, with a $25 jackpot payout.

    The remaining classes will be the 2K Limited Rider, 1500 Novice Horse & the 500 Rider. The price for these three classes will be reduced to $85, with a $25 jackpot payout!

    The All about the Cut class price will increase to $55, with a jackpot payout of $20.

    The Youth class price will be $65.00 and Ranch Class price will be $65.00 (no jackpot for either class)

    When you pre-enter, please provide the horses name, class entered, rider and owner to ensure we get you in the right class if we draw before you get there.

Exciting News about Year-End Awards for the 2014 Cutting Season (starts on December 28, 2013)

In addition to the regular Year-end Awards for all SACHA cutting classes, in 2014, we will be giving away two high-point Saddles!!! There will be one saddle awarded to the High-point Open Rider and one saddle awarded to the High-point Non-Pro/Amateur Rider. The Open Rider classes included for the high-point calculation will be the Open, 10K Novice & 3K Novice. The Non-Pro/Amateur classes included will be the Non-Pro, 15K Amateur & 2K limit Rider.

Our club's mission is to promote the sport of Cutting by organizing events (Cuttings) at a reasonable cost for local competitors (Cutters) to show their horse's ability to work and control a cow. We develop interest and awareness of Cutting by sponsoring several jackpot shows per year at Marana Stockyards with classes for everyone from beginners to professionals. Riders compete for points toward year-end awards such as silver belt buckles and other prizes.

To learn more about the sport of Cutting, visit our "Links" page which has some good resources or click on "Contacts" if you need more information about our club shows.

Thank You 2014 Sponsors

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